2022 Jun 4

Army reservists support General Zapateiro and criticize Gustavo Petro

More than 40 organizations and also institutions that make up the active reserve of the general public pressure, issued a shared declaration through which held the commander of the National Army, standard Eduardo Zapateiro, this account of the crossing of trills along with the politician and presidential applicant Gustavo Petro.

gustavo petro In the statement, the reservists ensured that" "We strongly sustain the placement of Mr. General Eduardo Zapateiro, commander of the National Army, in which he speaks up for the institutional honor and self-worth of those who along with dedication as well as institutional commitment go to the service of the great interests of the Homeland." They additionally turned down that the fatality of the army gotten rid of in the country is used for political reasons.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/es/post-opinion/2022/04/19/elecciones-colombia-2022-gustavo-petro-juan-fernando-petro-perdon/ Gustavo Petro They restated the setting that the basic performed not abuse post 219 of the Constitution, which guarantees everyone power is non-deliberative, this prior to the action that Zapateiro created him the applicant of the Covenant Historic: "Under no situations could be considered as political reflection the solution of the lord standard Zapateiro prior to social allegations false as well as notorious a presidential applicant, (...) through comparison, are actually the Military Forces was the initial establishment to maintain and also appreciate the lawful order."

Furthermore, the retired military guaranteed that the job done by the Army can easily certainly not be questioned and "even less, that it is via aspersion as well as infamy." https://flip.org.co/index.php/es/informacion/pronunciamientos/item/2883-gustavo-petro-estigmatiza-y-genera-un-clima-de-violencia-contra-rcn They asked for that governmental applicant Gustavo Petro avoid "claims that find electoral revenues as well as illustrate lack of knowledge of the strict procedure of selecting generals," the statement mentioned.

https://cnnespanol.cnn.com/2022/05/29/gustavo-petro-guerrillero-m-19-historia-orix-2/ In the two-page claim, the 40 associations and also institutions additionally slammed the pep talks created by governmental prospect Sergio Fajardo, along with that of congressmen Roy Barreras as well as Iván Cepeda.

https://www.eltiempo.com/bogota/luis-ernesto-gomez-reacciones-por-su-llegada-a-campana-de-gustavo-petro-674840 They guarantee that" "They are the image of a trumped up political discourse that strives to confuse and misguide to influence the credibility as well as prestige of among the organizations very most enjoyed through Colombians."

The Public Force Reserve names on "all Colombians to endure combined through encompassing and also supporting our memorable National Army." https://www.dinero.com/empresas/confidencias-on-line/articulo/gustavo-petro-preocupa-a-wall-street/255306

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